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You already make books, magazines, posters or web design hong kong you are responsible for the text form. It does not matter that the text has been reviewed by an editor or a style editor, it is possible that an unwanted element has been cast (some space before a comma, for example). If you find something that is not correct, you should correct it or, at least, let it be known.

The use of social networks and instant messaging services have made writing our letter of introduction, our physical materialization on the screen of our interlocutor. If you take care of your image in public, it would be logical for you to take care of your virtual presence. Read a lot, write as much as you can and have this book on the table.

The truth is that nothing was wrong, it was fine, but every few kilometers the car itself warns me that it needs a revision. As I do not want it to break down, and I’m very obedient when it comes to safety, every time he asks me to stop by the workshop I take him. When I pay the mechanic, I wonder why I had to pay an amount of euros if nothing happened to the car. Fortunately, I instantly convince myself that it is money well spent: with these maintenance tasks, I avoid major problems.

On the way home came the obvious analogy with my sector. Since I started my own company more than ten years ago, I was against charging a monthly website maintenance fee. In concept of what? I have to clarify that this was a usual practice at that time. These quotas almost always referred to tasks of updating content. The sites were static and the companies depended on another company for such simple tasks as: changing a photo, changing a text, changing the address, etc. How would I justify a maintenance if the websites I build have a CMS with which my clients maintain the contents of their site?

What I do find useful and interesting is to do a series of maintenance tasks regularly (once every year or year and a half can be a good interval). The medium is changing, the technologies much more, we should give a “squeeze” of nuts to our websites every so often. And I’m not referring (necessarily) to a visual change or the creation of new features.

As every so often we check the oil levels, coolant level, brake status, etc. in the vehicles. our websites have a series of control points that it would be convenient to check regularly. With these elements we can create a document to present to our clients every time we review the status of the websites. A document that materializes physically the work carried out.

In addition to being a source of regular income we will be giving a good service and, most importantly, removing a concern to our client, or what is the same, solving a problem that, perhaps, was not aware.

As if this were not enough, it also helps us to maintain a closer relationship with people who have already trusted us in the past. Do not allow the relationship with your client to end once you have delivered the web.

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