Skin cells that have accumulated

In the morning to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells that have accumulated at night and at night, to ensure that the dirt of the day, as well as the remains of makeup and concealer are removed completely before to go to bed. This will allow the skin to renew and repair at night Goji Cream Review.

As the skin ages, it can become more sensitive and therefore it is particularly important to perform a gentle cleansing. Try to use warm water (too hot water can harm the skin) and choose cleaning agents that are free of fragrances, preservatives and soaps.

As the skin ages, it needs intense hydration. Hydration facilitates the strengthening of the natural protective barrier of the skin, but it is preferable to use a product that is not greasy so that the skin does not become loaded with fats. Look for lightweight moisturizers or serums that offer anti-aging properties Goji Cream Review and have proven their compatibility with acne-prone skin.

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