Microsoft Outlook great reputation

The email is a basic communication tool both in professional and personal. Its mismanagement can cause chaos in your inbox and cause the loss of important information. To avoid this, we recommend using some of the best email clients to use from your computer that we recommend below. With them you can quickly and comfortably manage all your mail without having to waste your time connecting with the different web mail servers.

The mail clients installed on your computer offer some advantages over the management services mail in the cloud because, for example, allow better performance without an Internet connection, built – in Windows search to find files to attach or more control over all your emails. It is possible that when talking about mail clients for your computer, think about the native Windows 10 Mail application or Mac OS X Mail. However, there are much better alternatives that offer advanced functions that allow you to spend less time managing your mail.

Microsoft Outlook is the undisputed king of mail clients , thanks to its inclusion in the Windows office suite par excellence: Microsoft Office. This makes its use very widespread among users of the Microsoft Office application, which also includes business customers.

Little can we say that you do not already know about its complete collection of integrated functions and the possibility of adding other additional plugins, which make it practically a reference of what mail clients and the rival to be able to do should be able to do. all of them.

Unlike other mail clients, Microsoft Outlook does not have a free desktop version, although it does have outlook sign in, the equivalent online mail client included in its Office Online online office applications service. In addition, it allows you to configure several POP or IMAP email accounts with which to centralize the management of your mail in a single interface on your computer, which greatly simplifies this cumbersome task.

Microsoft has launched Dictate , a new experimental project of the company’s R & D group, Microsoft Garage. It is a software add-in for some Office package programs that allows users to write with their voice in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Dictate uses the same technology of speech recognition and artificial intelligence that Cortana, the virtual assistant of Windows 10 , as well as other services of the corporation, including Microsoft Translator. Although at the moment it is an experimental project, the new complement competes with Nuance, the company that offers support for dictation in Office 365, as well as the dictation tools of the operating systems , both in Windows and in macOS.

In addition, a very interesting feature that is not available in other dictation systems, for example the one integrated in Google Docs, is that the new Microsoft Office add-on has a real-time translation function in more than 60 languages. Thanks to this, the user can be speaking in Spanish, while the system translates what it says instantly and transforms it into written text.

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