Explain the influence of photography

Photograph should provoke an emotional response according to the theme it represents, being its achievement a thing of taste and good judgment rather than rules. Certain combinations of color are generally harmonious, others are more striking or discordant. In the interior photographer china, the light colors seem to be closer to the observer than the dark ones. Any color is determined by those around it. A pure color will look more like a neutral unsaturated background, and vice versa, a strong color will weaken in the presence of others equally strong.

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The Photographer’s is nourished by the relationship he has with his readers. We love to read and respond to the comments you leave on the blog and social networks, the photos you upload to the challenges and the weekly inspirations, but believe me, being able to see your face in a video is priceless, it is a gesture that « humanizes »this means and makes it more real, more from person to person. When I see a short video talking to someone telling me how BdF has discovered, the improvement he has experienced in his photography thanks to our publications.

Often the photograph is a map of reality or, rather, a sensory experience that elaborates a subjective concept about the world that has a specific value, but above all, it is analyzed from a renewed point of view. Of course, the perception of photography as an art form – the idea that sustains the image, sustains the message it expresses – is perhaps the deepest interpretation of the image as an artistic fact.

His ability to tell stories and above all, conceptualize the world that surrounds the photographer in personal and sensory symbols recognizable. But is that point of view sufficient to explain the influence of photography in the contemporary world?

Every day more than one million images are taken around the world. Whether through a traditional camera or smartphone, the production of photographic images and the very fact of their existence far outweighs any previous perception of photography.

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