Bauble or an artichoke

As we have anticipated, infestation in children is common. This is because their hygiene habits are not implemented or are inadequate and direct and continuous contact with people, especially with their peers, potential carriers. Half of cases of parasitic worm infections in the anus occur in children Detoxic Review, and we talk about 250 million cases per year around the globe.

We have also commented that the ingestion of certain raw foods is proposed as a way of propagation. Also, more related to infants, we have the legend that the taking of sweets favors parasitization, which is not the cause of these. Once again, we comment again the same.

The eggs, which are light, can be placed on any food, it can be a flour, a bauble or an artichoke; there is no distinction, you can even perch on a mashed potatoes. Therefore Detoxic Review, children should not be put on a soft diet or any other type as many times we have been asked to do.

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